Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Hard Wired Interconnected Smoke Alarms Provide the Best Protection:

The winter months bring an increase in home fires with more indoor activity and an increase in lighting, heating and appliance use.   Your best defense against these tragedies is a working smoke alarm.  Smoke alarms should be connected to your home’s wiring system, so you can be sure they are always working.  In the event of a power outage they are equipped with a battery for back-up.  It is also a good idea for smoke alarms to be inter-connected so when one goes off, they all go off.  RF (Radio Frequency), wireless, units are capable of this and are now available and do not require interconnecting wiring.  They require one detector to be hardwired and the rest work off of radio frequency and will all sound together no matter which ones senses smoke.  Interconnected smoke alarms increase your chances of escaping a house fire before it spreads out of control.  If you are unable to install smoke alarms using your house wiring, you should at the least install the battery operated type and install more than one.  No matter what type of smoke detector you choose, be sure to test it monthly and replace the battery at least yearly.  The smoke detectors themselves should be replaced every 8-10 years.   For more information contact us at 503-657-4958 or by email at  Parkin Electric provides free estimates and free home safety inspections.

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