Halibut, Salmon, & Tuna

July 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2009

Halibut, Salmon & Tuna, Yum Yum!

Wow, what another great weekend fishing out of Depoe Bay!  Great weather, great company….. and lots of tasty fish!

Friday we targeted Halibut, and ran about 15 miles off-shore to a spot called the “Rock Pile”.  We dropped the lines in, and had 3 fish on in the first 5 minutes!  One was a bit small, so we tossed him back and had another on almost immediately.  We put him in the boat and headed back to port (all in the space of about 30 minutes!).

Friday night we heard a rumor that Tuna were spotted in the area, so Saturday we decided to head out and try to find them.  This was our very first Tuna expedition of the season!  We ran about 42 miles (2 hours) in fairly bumpy seas to find the warm blue water.  Although we never really found exactly the water we were looking for, we sure found the fish!  It was a madhouse of doubles, triples and even 4 fish on at the same time!  Our intrepid fishermen learned the ropes quickly, and were soon piling fish on the deck fast and furiously.  After about 3 hours, we called it quits with our boat quota of 20 very nice tuna packed on ice, and turned back to port.  On the way back in, we collected the second batch of crabs from our traps and called it a day.

Sunday we took it easy, and made a short trip out to find some Salmon.  The water has been very cold, and the Salmon scarce, but we collected a very large Coho (one of the only caught in the harbor Sunday) and headed in for a relaxing breakfast before doing our end-of-weekend boat cleanup.

Thanks to Bob, Mark, Eldon and John for sharing the weekend with us.  We hope you guys had as good a time as we did, but we think the smiles in the pictures below, tell it all!