Fish Everywhere!

July 11th & 12th, 2009

Fish Fish Everywhere!

Well…. 58 nice big fat Tuna went home with the lucky fishermen this weekend, and another stupendous weekend on the Pacific Ocean.

Saturday’s crew went out about 42 miles (in a fair ocean) with us to find the warm water and fish.  When we did find them, it was basically madness and mayhem for the next 3 1/2 hours, or about 1 fish in the boat every 7 minutes for 30 fish total!  Back to port we went, then a couple of hours of fish processing and packing on ice for the trips home.
Wow… what a day.  It does not get much better than this!

Sunday brought a beautiful flat ocean, and we raced out about 40 miles to find the water and fish.  We started out very slow with just a few fish caught here and there, and decided to pick up and try a few more spots, where we had a fairly good bite, then it went dead…..  We picked up again, and ran about 10 miles and set our gear…. all heck broke loose!  We VERY rapidly picked up another 13 fish (finishing with 4 on and in the boat a once) in about 1/2 hour, for a daily total of 28 fish!  Luck was sure with us, and we were one of the first boats into port.  Again we had a fish processing party (providing entertainment for the tourists driving by the fillet bench) and got everything cut and packed on ice.  The tired and happy fishermen then headed back home to spin their tails of the day.

A great weekend by all accounts!

Our thanks to John, Kevin and Brandon on Saturday,  and John, Jim, Don & Nick on Sunday, for their fine company and fish catching abilities.

Thank you all for joining us, we had a great time!





Maureen & Deckhand

Maureen & Deckhand


Don, John, Nick & Jim