A Wild & Wooly Weekend….

September 5th, 2009

Combined 12′-18′ seas made for an impossible Sunday and Monday, but we ventured out for a quick Salmon trip on Saturday.

Saturday turned out to be the only day of the long holiday weekend that the boat was able to move from the slip.  Our crew for the day were Bill, Kyle, Nick and Bill, who started out a fairly lively bunch, but sort of faded through the morning and early afternoon.  Relaxation is always a planned part of our weekend trips…. but these guy’s really took it to the next level!  Their boss must obviously be working them too hard??  Contributing to the lethargy, was the fact that the dang Salmon were simply not very interested in biting, and the ones that did, were all natives which had to be released.

We had actually started the morning motoring out in parallel with one of the local charter boats to see if we could put together a Tuna trip, but it only took just a few miles before the charter radioed us that he had hit a couple of  particularly nasty waves, and was turning around, heading home, and calling it a day.  At that point it was also obvious to us that Tuna were not going to be in the cards for the day, but we ventured a few more miles out to sea to take a look for signs of a Salmon bite.  The unfortunate combination of a 8′-12′ westerly swell with a 3′-4′ southerly wind wave made for such a confused sea that we soon idled back to salmon troll speed and deployed the gear.  We pulled the gear around for awhile with out much luck, so we picked up and headed toward shore a bit and tried that, also with limited success.  It did not seem to matter where we went, the Salmon appeared to be somewhere else. Everyone did get the chance to do battle with some nice fat and feisty Coho’s, so the day was not a total loss, but at around noon we reluctantly pointed the boat east and headed back into port.  Although we did not have any meat to show for our efforts, any day on the ocean is a day very well spent indeed!  Our thanks to the guys for the laughs and fun we had, and as they say…. “There’s always next time!”

And always, always, remember this little fishing saying…. “NO BANANAS ON THE BOAT!”


"Sleepy" Bill

"Bananna" Bill

"Banana" Bill






Kyle, Bananna Bill, Sleepy Bill, Nick

Kyle, Banana Bill, Sleepy Bill, Nick