Parkin in Eaton Spotlight!

Parkin Electric is excited to be featured in the current June 2010 Eaton Corporation ECCN Member Spotlight!

We have been a member of the Eaton ECCN (Eaton Certified Contractor Network) for a little over a year, and have already benefited from this association.   Being a member of this network will pay some long term benefits as we avail ourselves of the pricing, training and technical expertise of this industry leading company.

We were originally interested in furthering our relationship with Eaton because we have had a long and successful history with their people and products, and feel that aligning ourselves with this progressive and innovative company will further enhance the strengths and capabilities ofParkin Electric as we look toward expanding and growing our company.

Thanks for the spotlight Eaton!

Below is a copy of the article content:

June 2010 Member Spotlight

Company Name: Parkin Electric
Location: Oregon City, OR

Much of Parkin Electric’s business comes from repeat customers and referrals and this speaks volumes about their company. What accounts for their apparent success? “Developing strong relationships both with customers and vendors alike” says Wade Parkin, who along with his brother Dave operate Parkin Electric. He also gives credit to Eaton’s strong local presence and the responsiveness of their local engineers. “…they have been responsive to product application questions and, on the rare occasion we have had product deficiencies, the response has been quick and efficient.”

Parkin Electric has 17 employees and 10 service/support vehicles and are a third (almost fourth) generation company based in Oregon City, OR serving Oregon and SW Washington. Their long and positive relationship with Eaton has been a plus for them and they feel that by aligning their company with Eaton and becoming knowledgeable about Eaton products they will reap long-term benefits.

Wade also shared an example of why they feel that their use of Eaton products has resulted in a competitive advantage for them. It had to do with Eaton’s flexibility to customize products to fit specific application needs. The example he gave was of a custom built switchboard designed and built to fit an existing outdoor enclosure in a large high-rise assisted living facility. “By using the existing enclosure we were able to duplicate the exact position of the existing switches and breakers, which eliminated splicing or re-pulling the existing critical circuits. The creativity that the Eaton team brought to this problem allowed us to simplify the installation, thereby greatly reducing downtime and the associated risk to our customer’s facility and systems.”

After attending an ECCN Certification Training Class in Portland, Oregon in May of last year it got them to thinking.  Wade says “the benefit to us with ECCN training is that it really started us thinking about new and innovative ways to advance, enhance and re-shape our business.”

The economic slowdown has afforded Parkin the opportunity and time to make sure their business “foundation” is solid for the coming economic recovery. Part of their game plan is to make sure their technicians benefit from the product training and selling techniques that are available online at the ECCN website. Their advice to others is to avail yourselves of any outside resources which might add to your knowledge base. They felt that “by joining with a company with the resources of Eaton just makes good sense!”

Their involvement with many trade organizations is also a plus for their business in that they have been selected to serve on several national advisory council committees. In this way they have been able to increase their exposure to a wide range of ideas and networking opportunities.

Having successfully built their reputation for the past 60 years they are in the process of implementing a plan for significant growth for their company for the upcoming years. They feel confident that their solid relationship with Eaton will strengthen and enhance their long term goals.