July 4th 2010 Season Opener!

Family and friends shared a great 4th of July four day weekend boating and fishing out of beautiful Depoe Bay!

July 2nd, 2010
The long weekend started out on Friday, with a last ditch attempt at Halibut, before the season shutdown until late summer.  We (Don, Maureen, Dave & Wade) slowly (the ocean was fairly “sporty”…. meaning a little bumpy) ventured out to a spot called the “Rock Pile” which is about 17 miles west of Depoe Bay.  This area is normally thick with boats, so when we only saw a couple of other boats we assumed that  (a) the inclement seas kept everyone in port, or (b) there were not many Halibut to be had.  We fished for around two hours and managed one nice Halibut, but the bite was off, so we headed east trolling for Salmon.  We trolled a number of normally enticing Salmon offerings for about five miles, before finally conceding defeat and heading in for an early day.  We had heard reports that one of the other sport boats in the harbor had ventured out 75 miles and brought home the seasons first Albacore Tuna!  YEAH!…. just come in a bit closer little Tuna!

July 3rd, 2010
This day brought good friends Jesse and Leah from Silverton to join Maureen, Josh, Dave and Wade for a day on the Pacific!  The ocean had settled down a little from the day before, and the winds were calm, so out we went prospecting for the illusive Salmon.  First order of the day was a quick run north to drop our Crab pots.  After we splashed our four pots, we dropped the Salmon lines and trolled west to try to find the Salmon.  Nothing…. so we pulled up and ran a few miles off shore.  The water temp was very nice (about 51-53 degrees) but no salmon, and none that we heard about on the radio.  With no prospects of salmon to be had, we turned our attention to Lingcod and other bottom fish.  We put a couple of Lings and some Rockfish in the box, picked up our pots which had some delectable Dungeness Crabs,  and decided to get our erstwhile sailors back on hard ground.  It was a great day!

July 4th, 2010
This morning we woke up to another calm morning.  Hmmm…. “I wonder how far off shore the Tuna are?” asks Maureen.  Ok, that’s it…. we’re going!  We headed out through the opening and set a course of 270 degrees west, and away we go!
At about the 18 mile mark we started to see things coming together, (warmer and clearer water) not great, but possibly fishable, so we stopped to do a little prospecting.  FISH ON!  In short order, our first two Albacore of the season are thumping on the boat’s deck.  We fished a little while longer, but with nothing much happening, we decided to pick up the gear and move a few more miles out to find some better water (you just know there is a huge pile of fish just waiting for you a couple more miles out….).  We stopped, but nothing, so we moved on.  Out another 5 miles or so we stop, again with the same results…. nothing.  Again and again we stop, sample, and move on.  We do this until we have hit the 65 mile mark.  Maureen is really questioning whether Dave and I will ever stop heading west, so we reluctantly turn the boat around and head back east.  Running back, we got to a spot just about where we started in the morning, when Maureen notices a rather drastic water temperature change, so we stop and in the lines go…. FISH ON!  Oh man, all heck breaks loose!  At one point, we have 5 fish on with only 3 of us to handle ’em!  We have lines in the motor, we have lines under the boat, we have lines tangled around each other, we have Tuna laying all over the boat, and we have a HECK of a mess, and WE ARE LOVING LIFE!  Wow, what a spot.  Every time we start to deploy our gear, FISH ON!  It took us 6 hours to catch the first 2 fish, and something inside of 1-1/2 hours to catch another 10.  At this point we decide to call our little prospecting experiment a resounding success and point the boat back to the beach.  Good call on the stop Mo!
Another a great day on the ocean!

July 5th, 2010
After all of our “hard work” yesterday, we are ready for an easy day today.  We (Maureen, Dave & Wade) talk our Mom (Margaret) into joining us for a day on the ocean.  After a feeble attempt at some in-shore Halibut and Salmon, we decide to turn the rest of the day into a pleasure cruise.  The day is warm and sunny, the seas are calm, so we head south and go into Yaquina Bay for a little sightseeing around the bay and at the Newport waterfront.  After puttering around looking at the boats and people, we head back out into the ocean.  We cruise north close to shore, stopping for pictures at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse,  Cape Foulweather, and other points along the coast on the way back to Depoe Bay.  Back on shore we finish out a long and fun filled weekend cleaning and packaging our fish, and cleaning up the boat to get it ready for the next weekends onslaught.
What a great way to spend the holiday weekend!


Nice Fat Cabazon


39" Halibut






Josh & New Friend


Josh, Jesse & Leah


Maureen & Levitating Tuna




Maureen & Margaret




Yaquina Head Lighthouse


Cape Foulweather

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