First Tuna in the can!

The first tuna of the season is now in the can!

Well, we took in about 200#’s of fresh Tuna fillets to the caner (Tony’s in Oregon City) a week or so ago, and just got it back…..  Boy oh boy, is it ever GOOD!  We had to sample a can when it came in for “quality control” purposes.  It was all we could do not to open several!  Nothing rivals our canned Tuna!

We take a great deal of care preparing our fish, starting just after bringing them in to the boat, where we bleed, clean and pack them on ice soon after catching them.   With Tuna (even more so than with other fish) it is extremely important to pay attention to proper handing and preparation.   When we get back to port, we spend the time to very carefully fillet them and either vacuum package (for fresh eating) or package and ice the meat for delivery to the cannery first thing Monday morning.

The pictures below show the payoff for all the hard “work” it takes!  🙂