The First, Largest, & Most!

August 7th, 2010
We didn’t know it at the time, but when we hauled in a Tuna one of our guests had caught, it would truly be a milestone occasion for her.  It was not only the biggest fish she had caught, it was the FIRST fish she had ever caught….  Wow, what a first fish Daniela!!

Joining us for the days adventure were Larry & Daniela and Gerry & Gladys.  Larry and Daniela had won this trip in an auction benefiting CAT (the Cat Adoption Team), and had invited their friends Gerry and Gladys from Seattle to join them.

The day began when our guests met us in Depoe Bay at the boat.  It was still about thirty minutes before the sun was due to rise, when we slipped through the narrow opening into a dark and drizzly ocean.  Because of the darkness and fog, we had to rely on our GPS chart plotter and radar as we slowly made our way along the buoy line into the open ocean.  After the sky had lightened enough for us to see any obstructions in the water, we pushed the throttles forward and started our way at a comfortable 12 knots on a very nice ocean to a point about 30 miles west that we had chosen that might hold a school of Tuna.

Upon arriving at a likely looking starting spot (good water temperature and color) we deployed the trolling lures and anxiously awaited the first screaming reel.  We didn’t have to wait very long….. “Fish on” and we were into them, where Gladys proved that she may be small of stature, but she did not back down one inch during her battles with these extremely strong and tenacious speedsters of the ocean!  Nice job Gladys, we were impressed! 5 fish landed on the deck in fairly short order, then the bite seemed to shut down, so we moved to a new area and again set out the gear.

After trolling the area for awhile, we managed to pick up another 5 big fat Tuna when about noon, we decided to head home. The ride back was beautiful on a very flat calm ocean, with just a band of fog hugging the beach.

On the way back to port, we stopped at the crab pots that we had set the night before.  After pulling a couple of pots, it became apparent that someone had been tampering with them (stealing crab), pulling one of them almost 200 yards from where we had set it.  Even with this set-back, we managed to collect enough big crabs for our coming feast.  We re-baited and repositioned the pots, then headed in.

After a quick run back to the harbor, we off-loaded the days catch, and prepared to fuel and put the boat in its slip.  While waiting for the cleaning table to open up we cleaned and boiled the crabs and prepared to grill some Tuna!

After steaming the crab, and grilling Tuna steaks, we grabbed some beverages and had a little impromptu feast!  It just does not get any better than this……

Our thanks to our guests Larry, Daniela, Gerry and Gladys for making this such a special day, we had a GREAT time!





Gladys & Daniela



Processing the catch

Processing the Catch

Procesing Center

Processing Center

The finished product

The Finished Product

Crab feast

Crab Feast



2 thoughts on “The First, Largest, & Most!

  1. Thank you, Dave and Wade, for the superb day on the water. How you manage to find the exact spot to drop down those lines is totally amazing! There was a lot of ocean out there to choose from. We, and many of our friends, are enjoying all of the fresh albacore tuna.

    Thank you for so generously supporting the Cat Adoption Team.


  2. Wade & Dave, thank you! That was a great day, out in the ocean killing fish to save cats!

    You guys sure know your tuna fishing. From where, when and how to catch them, to what to do afterwards. Double Trouble is a gorgeous 30′ boat with 500 hp to push us along. And with an electric *flush* toilet! Having a cookout there on the docks on our return was a super idea, as the flavors of fresh-caught fish and Dungeness crab are sublime. The merlot and cabernet were classy, too. Very stylish.

    Usually when we “win” prizes at charity auctions we wind up never taking advantage of them, but hey…the money goes to a worthy cause, right? But this one I wanted to take advantage of. And I am sure glad I did.

    Thanks, again, for your great hospitality. And thank you also for your generous donation to the Cat Adoption Team, the largest and best no-kill cat shelter in the Pacific Northwest.


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