Oregon Code Committe

Parkin Electric President David Parkin, has been selected as a committee member responsible for assisting the Oregon Building Codes Division in adoption of the 2011 Oregon Electrical Specialty Code.

The Oregon Electrical Specialty Code will be based on the coming 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC), with Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) Amendments.   Some examples of the previous amendments (2008 Code) are:

  • Egress from working spaces around electrical equipment.
  • Multi-wire branch circuit requirements for grouping and handle ties.
  • Requirements for GFCI and AFCI protection techniques.
  • Lighting and receptacle requirements in dwellings.
  • Requirements for raceways in wet locations.
  • Weather resistant and tamper resistant receptacles.
  • Requirements for electrified truck parking spaces.

The work of this committee is very important in providing pertinent and specific amendments to the NEC, and Parkin Electric is proud to be a contributing part of this process.

Congrats Dave!