1904 Artillery Barracks

We are very excited to be a part of the team involved in the renovation of this beautiful and historic Artillery Barracks at the Fort Vancouver National Site!

At the beginning of the 20th century, Vancouver was the headquarters for the Department of the Columbia, a vast administrative unit in the Northwest.  The population of the post almost tripled in response to increased military activity both at home and abroad.  There were not barracksenough barracks for the soldiers stationed here, and men were sleeping in tents.  An ambitious building scheme was begun that would enable the post to garrison a regiment of infantry, and two batteries of artillery.  The double artillery barracks was constructed during this period, erected on this site in 1904.  This Colonial Revival style building housed two separate companies, a total of 240 men.  The latrines, storage rooms, and other functional spaces were housed in the basement.  The kitchen, mess halls, and day rooms were on the first floor.  The second floor had large dormitory style sleeping quarters for the soldiers, with smaller semi-private rooms for the officers.

The 6,500 square foot of renovated space will house space for community events, and include a banquet room, a large meeting room, a smaller board room, kitchen, storage areas and rest rooms.

Our part of the renovation will include modifications and relocation of the power distribution system, new lighting, fire alarm up-grades, low voltage wiring and state of the art audio visual equipment.

Fort Vancouver 1

Fort Vancouver 2

Fort Vancouver 3

* Historical information provided courtesy of Fort Vancouver National Site