How to Choose the Right Structured Cabling Companies

structured cabling companies

The North American structured cabling market is expected to grow by 6.1% per year, reaching its growth target by 2027. As the market grows, competition among structured cabling companies may increase.

Choosing an unreliable company may lead to improperly installed structured cabling. This may lead to heightened downtime and organizational issues. What’s more, poor organization of cables can escalate into fire hazards.

This is why selecting the right structured cabling company is crucial. With several options available, finding the perfect fit for you can be daunting. Below is a guide on how to choose the right structured cabling companies.

Look at Experience and Expertise

A reputable structured cabling company should have extensive experience. They should also have certifications from recognized organizations.

When looking for a structured cabling company, you should look for specific certifications. This helps ensure the provider’s credibility and skill. Some of the key certifications to consider include:


This certification shows expertise in the design, integration, and implementation of telecommunications transport systems. BICSI-certified companies are often well-versed with the industry’s best practices and standards.

BICSI Installer and Technician Certifications

Opt for companies with BICSI Installer and Technician certifications. It shows the company’s skill in installing, terminating, and testing copper and fiber optic cabling systems. This helps ensure smooth operations and productivity for your business.

Manufacturer Certifications

Companies should also hold certifications from leading cabling system manufacturers. It demonstrates their ability to work with specific products and technologies.

Focusing on these certifications gives you confidence in a company’s expertise. You can always have peace of mind with their quality of service.

For electrical aspects of structured cabling, confirm that the company employs qualified electricians. They should have relevant qualifications, such as NEC certification.

Assess Quality Assurance and Standards Adherence

Focus on a company’s adherence to industry standards and best practices. This ensures the reliability and performance of your network infrastructure. Verify that prospective companies strictly adhere to recognized standards such as:

  • ANSI/TIA-568
  • ISO/IEC 11801

Compliance with these standards guarantees the quality of work. It also facilitates future troubleshooting and maintenance, reducing downtime. As a result, you can optimize your network efficiency.

Ensure you ask prospective companies to provide evidence of compliance. For instance, look for companies with ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems. It shows that the company follows rigorous processes to maintain quality standards.

Look for Cutting-Edge Technologies

To ensure optimal network performance, select a structured cabling company with modern technologies. They should also employ high-quality equipment and materials as well.

Look for certifications CompTIA Network+. It shows the company’s ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-sized networks.

Also, ask for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). This certification demonstrates knowledge in installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting local area networks (LANs).

Additionally, ask about the testing procedures and equipment used by the company. Confirm that they use reputable test equipment, such as:

  • Fluke Networks
  • Tektronix
  • JFL CommTest

They should also adhere to industry standards like EN 50173. A reliable network structuring firm will use these rigorous testing methods. This helps confirm the performance and integrity of the installed cabling infrastructure.

Check Out Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and References

Tradespeople take immense pride in their work. They’re often eager to showcase their achievements to businesses. Before choosing a data cabling contractor, check out their online presence.

Reviews and testimonials serve as invaluable resources for assessing a company. These insights offer firsthand accounts of past clients’ experiences. They also highlight the vendor’s track record and level of satisfaction.

Look for testimonials that talk about the effective implementation of data-cabling solutions. Don’t forget to check for responsiveness and professionalism.

Additionally, request references from past clients who have similar requirements to yours. It adds another layer of assurance. When you speak with these clients, you can understand the company’s performance.

Ask references specific questions about data cabling and adherence to timelines. You can also inquire about the post-installation support provided.

Evaluate Their Warranty and Maintenance Services

When selecting a structured cabling company, consider the warranty coverage and maintenance services. These solutions protect your investment and mitigate the risk of downtime.

Look for a company that provides comprehensive warranty coverage. This ensures that any installation issues are promptly addressed at no extra cost.

As a business, inquire about the specifics of the warranty coverage offered. Some key points to consider include:

Duration of the Warranty

Ensure that the warranty period aligns with the lifespan of the network cables. This ensures that you get adequate protection throughout your network infrastructure.

Coverage Details

Verify what components and services are covered under the warranty. This includes labor costs for repairs and replacements.

Terms and Conditions

Pay close attention to any limitations or exclusions outlined in the warranty agreement. It helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as a customer.

Additionally, focus on companies that offer ongoing maintenance services. They can proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate. This reduces disruptions to your network operations.

Evaluate Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is an important consideration when choosing structured cabling companies. Choose providers that provide detailed and itemized quotes. These quotes should outline the costs associated with materials, labor, and more.

While competitive pricing is essential, ensure that the provider delivers high-quality service. They should also use quality materials to ensure the longevity of your network infrastructure.

Avoid excessively low bids. They can be risky, leading to subpar installations or the use of inferior materials. This may result in costly repairs and downtime down the line.

Look at Their Insurance Coverage

Verify that they carry adequate insurance coverage. This protects you against any damages or liabilities.

Ensure that the company carries liability insurance. It helps cover damages to property or injuries during the installation process. Additionally, confirm that they have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees.

Work With Qualified Structured Cabling Companies

Choosing the right structured cabling companies is paramount. It ensures the reliability, performance, and scalability of your network infrastructure.

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