ARC Fault Protection

What is an Arc Fault?
An Arc Fault is an unintentional electrical discharge of high energy and short duration, much like a very large “spark”.  Even the most careful homeowner cannot avoid these situations, but you can mitigate them.

Stop arc faults and reduce the risk of electrical fires in your home.
Many of the fires attributed to “faulty wiring” are caused by arc faults resulting in 500 deaths and $900 million in property damage each year.  Standard circuit breakers and fuses cannot detect low-level arcs, only AFCI circuit breakers are specifically designed for that purpose will shut down the circuit until it can be repaired.


Eaton FIRE-GUARD Arc Fault Protection is the first circuit breaker with a brain to detect arching faults, which is a common cause of many home electrical fires.  The breaker shuts off power when an Arc is detected.  Unlike a conventional breaker which detects overloads and short circuits, an AFCI breaker utilizes advanced electronic technology to “sense” different arcing conditions.  Common household items such as a vacuum cleaner or furnace motor, or even a light switch turned off  naturally create arcs when they operate, but these are considered a normal arc .  Arc faults, however, occur from damaged wiring, overheated or stressed electrical cords, worn insulation, wires/cords in contact with sharp metal objects, damaged appliances and more.  This potentially dangerous condition creates very high intensity heat (which may exceed 10,000 degrees) resulting in burning particles which can easily ignite surrounding wood or insulating materials.  AFCI breakers are designed to recognize when arc faults occur and automatically shut the circuit down before it becomes a fire hazard.

Create a safer electrical environment for your home while protecting your investment.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) technology is now required by the National Electrical Code in certain areas of your home.

Arc Faults occur anywhere there is wiring.
Inside the walls….
A picture hanger nailed into the wire, loose receptacle or lighting connections.
Outside the walls….
Furniture or doors can damage the insulation on electrical cords, etc.

Let Parkin Electric perform a safety inspection in your home, and we can suggest where Arc Fault protection can help safeguard you!     503.657-4958

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