Complete Home Surge Protection

What is the Value of Complete Home Surge Protection?
Complete Home Surge Protection (CHSP) protects the sensitive electronics such as computers, TV’s, DVD Players, audio equipment, and gaming systems which may be located throughout your entire home. This type of surge protection is installed at your electrical service panel, which gives you the advantage of reducing harmful surges before they travel to your individual electronic devices.  The average home contains over $8000 worth of electronics that can be damaged due to power surges.  Power surges come from lightning strikes near your home, utility power switching and internal surges from air conditioners and power tools.


Power surges can travel through your power lines, cable lines, phone lines and even ethernet cables. We have an Eaton solution for all of these.  Lighting caused surges can destroy your equipment suddenly, while smaller surges can continually eat away at you electronics eventually causing component failure.  Surge strips work, but they are not enough. Two stages of protection are recommended for ultimate protection.  What we recommend is to install a surge protector at your panel to protect the WHOLE house and install secondary protection at especially sensitive equipment (entertainment centers, computers, gaming consoles, etc.). Our standard installation will include (1) CHSP ULTRA panel mounted Surge Protector and (1) Ultra Series 10-outlet point of use surge strip.


By installing surge protection at your service panel, you can receive up to a $75,000 equipment coverage warranty.

There are a number of different types and styles of Surge Protection Products for power, cable and telephone. Keep in mind that in order to maintain the equipment warranty, the cable and telephone lines need to be protected as well as the power. This can be done via Eaton plug strips with power, cable, & telephone protection.

Eaton surge protection products can be installed on your system even if you have equipment built by other manufacturers

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