what will fail an electrical inspection

Avoid These Mistakes to Pass Your Electrical Inspection in Oregon

Despite Oregon having lower energy use per capita than two-thirds of the U.S., those who do use electricity may still encounter certain electrical problems. These problems often stem from outdated wiring, faulty installations, and inadequate maintenance. Knowing what will fail an electrical inspection can help you avoid these issues. This knowledge will save you time […]

outdoor breaker box

How to Safely Service an Outdoor Breaker Box

Is your outdoor breaker box showing signs of wear and tear? Perhaps you’ve noticed flickering lights or a power outage in your home that could signal potential issues with your electrical system. An outdoor breaker box, also called a fuse box or circuit breaker panel, is vital to your electrical system. It is the control […]

electrical wiring residential

Understanding the Electrical Wiring of Your Residential Home

What would we all do without the essential utility that is electricity? From the time it was invented, it has only made our lives easier and better. It powers our homes, providing lighting, heating, cooling, and powering various appliances and devices. While we rely on electricity for many aspects of modern living, most of us have […]

double switch electrical wiring

The Benefits of Upgrading to Double Switch Electrical Wiring

Tired of fumbling in the dark, searching for one light switch that controls everything? Picture this: You’re carrying a tray of snacks for movie night, but the only way to dim the living room lights (without setting the tray down) is to navigate back to the main switch, often leaving you to choose between convenience […]

dead outlet

Reviving Your Home’s Dead Outlets: Troubleshooting and Solutions

A dead outlet could be a simple fix or a sign of a major electrical wiring problem in your home.  Fortunately, it’s usually an easier fix than you think and one you can do without help. The following guide will explain the causes of dead outlets and troubleshooting tips to regain power output. It will […]

fiber optic installer

7 Questions to Ask Your Fiber Optic Installer

Have you ever gotten frustrated with your internet provider due to outages or them throttling your internet speeds? You want to improve your overall experience, but their internet speed caps at a certain point.  One way to ensure you have the best internet connection possible is through the use of fiber optic cabling. Fiber optic […]

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B. Rhoads

Randa demonstrates the height of professionalism and perfectionism. Her attention to detail and response to my fire worries was exceptional finding a breaker that needed replacement as well as something outside that could be a potential hazard. Please share.

N. Schaefle

We Thank you for the work that was done to get power to our garage/shop area and wanted you to know that it was a pleasure to work with Mike.  He was considerate and easy to have here… he did his job carefully and cleaned up where he worked.. He certainly is competent!

D. Peterson

Just wanted to let you know Ben was great. He was professional and personable and helpful with showing us how things worked. I can't remember the name of the other guy (Cristian) but he was great too and they did a great job and cleaned up the area where the generator is. And of course we were so impressed with Tammy and appreciated her help, with our somewhat drawn out process. Very impressed with the service at Parkin.

David D.

Worth every penny, Parkin is the best! 

D. Kost

We were impressed by Dave B’s service and professionalism… I am sure he is not unique to the other techs and employees at Parkin.  We are very satisfied with how we were treated from the point of making an appointment through all of the service.  There is no doubt we will be returning customers for future needs, as well as highly recommending Parkin Electric to everyone we know. 

S. Wilson

I found Brian and Steve to very professional and very skilled electricians.  (Generator Install)

Jeanine K.

Thank you for the great service and responsibility to detail.  I greatly appreciate all the work & customer service that your company gave us.  Kudos to Amanda, Tonya & Chad they are truly an asset to your company.  Our mini split works great &  our inspection passed with flying colors.