Ground Fault Protection

Ground Fault Protection

GFCI2Ground Fault Protection safeguards you from the hazards of electrical shock.
A Ground Fault is an unintentional electrical path between a source of current and a grounded surface.  The grounded source could be a human, a piece of equipment or cabling.

A GFCI circuit breaker is designed to shut off power in the event of a ground fault while protecting against short circuits and circuit overload.

GFCI protection is required by the National Electric Code for circuits that provide power to:  Outdoor Receptacles, Kitchens, Bathrooms,
Garages, Laundry & Utility Rooms, Crawl Spaces, Pools and Hot Tubs.

GFCI Circuit Breakers are generally better than a receptacle, because the circuit breaker provides protection to the entire circuit.

Ground fault protection is important when using electrical tools or appliances that may come in contact with water or grounded plumbing.

We can install GFCI breakers in your panel to protect you and your family!

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