Power System Testing

Don’t just guess what condition your electrical system is in, let us perform some simple tests so you will know EXACTLY what your system looks like, by doing a detailed study of electrical load, energy consumption, and general power quality!  fluke 1735 a

As energy costs rise, your electrical systems optimal use of energy has become even more critical.  The first step in managing your energy use is to understand ‘how much and when’ energy is being used.

By connecting our power monitoring equipment to your electrical system, we can capture voltage, current, power and power factor, and store them over time (up to 45 days).  Then we will provide reports which graph the measurements and highlights times when extreme or unexpected energy consumption is happening.  As an example, if the graphs show considerable energy being consumed at night or on weekends, perhaps your HVAC system may need to be reprogrammed.

Don’t take a chance on an overload situation which  could compromise your facility and safety….
Before you add that new load to your building or home, give us a call to schedule an economical review of your system…. and know for sure!

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