The Benefits of Professional Electrical Services for Your Home

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Flickering lights, hot outlets, and loose outlets are some of the top warning signs that your home needs electrical work. You may be tempted to address these issues, but you may want to think again.

DIYing electrical issues in and around your home can put you – and your family – at risk. Even if your tinkering does not start a house fire or produce a deadly shock, you may miss unseen dangers electricians are trained to diagnose.

Electrical service providers spend years schooling and training. They work countless hours identifying and fixing electrical problems in homes like yours. All this adds up to a ton of knowledge you can’t find elsewhere.

Are you considering a DIY fix for that electrical issue plaguing your home? Stop and consider the following benefits of hiring an expert to do the job for you.

Guaranteed Work

When you try to do your home’s or business’s electrical work yourself, you have no one to blame if things fail to go as planned. Moreover, your insurance company may not cover damage to your home after a DIY job.

You also need to consider warranties. Warranties on certain systems and products throughout your home may hinge upon regular electrical inspections or only having work done by a licensed professional.

Working with a licensed professional electrician is different. These professionals carry their own insurance policies, which cover accidents while working at your business or home, even if your insurance company does not.

Electrical workers also carry bonds. In other words, you can get compensated or have a new electrician complete the work if the first one did a poor job or failed to finish the agreed-upon work.

Stay Safe

The most obvious and important benefit of hiring a pro is safety. Though they are preventable, electrical hazards can be deadly. Some of the most common safety hazards when dealing with electrical systems are:

  • Shocks
  • Burns
  • Arc exposure
  • Fires
  • Explosions

Handling electrical jobs around your home or business puts your physical safety and health at risk. That is why you should never work on electrical systems you are not qualified to address.

And these safety issues are not just hazardous to your health. They can also put your family or your employees in a risky position. If the latter occurs, you could face legal issues for failing to practice your duty of care as an employer.

Avoid the stress of electrical safety issues and hire a licensed, reputable professional instead. Electricians have the training and experience to prevent the above hazards and address electrical issues that may give rise to them.

Additionally, the pros must follow local building codes and electrical system regulations. These rules are designed to keep electrical workers safe. They also aim to protect homes and buildings and the people inside them.

Increase Efficiency

Do you know the most efficient way to locate the electrical issues in your home? When you do find them, can you quickly come up with a strategy to troubleshoot the problem without causing safety hazards?

If the answer to one or both of these questions is no, you are about to waste countless hours on a problem a professional could fix in a matter of minutes. And they can do all this without consequences of poor work down the line.

As an added plus, you will save yourself potential legal struggles, which are even more time-consuming. As an average Joe, you are most likely not aware of the laws around electrical systems in your home or business.

Failing to adhere to these laws can result in lawsuits. Businesses are particularly at risk for building code violations. And these legal battles will not just cost you time but money, too.

Save Money

You may think a DIY job will save you money, but consider this: tools are expensive. Depending on the project, you may need to invest in multiple tools you may never use again.

When you hire an expert, the electrician will bring his own tools. Plus, if he needs to order parts, he may have relationships with suppliers to reduce the cost versus what you would pay if you ordered it yourself.

Not only that, but you will also save money when it is time to sell your home. If an inspector finds electrical issues from past DIY jobs, you may have to get it repaired before closing the sale. An expert can ensure this never happens.

One cost-saving benefit you likely haven’t considered yet is energy efficiency. Old or damaged electrical wiring and other components may be costing you countless extra dollars in your electricity bill each month.

Electricians know how to assess and fix these types of issues. They can update your wiring, educate you about more efficient appliances, and more. That way, you will pay less for energy going forward. 

Create Relationships

An oft-overlooked benefit of working with professionals is the relationships you can create. Odds are that if you need an electrician for one issue, another will pop up down the line that requires a pro’s attention.

And you don’t want to hire a new contractor for the job each time. There are perks of working with the same company for all the home or business electrical services you need.

For example, good electricians will maintain a service log for each customer. Here, they will record the issues you encounter and how they were addressed. This data can be crucial when troubleshooting future issues.

Finally, working with the same qualified electrician creates a bond that goes beyond business. You will get to know your contractor on a personal level and vice versa. That may just result in even better service.

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The only advantage of doing a DIY electric job is initial cost savings. Yet, the money and time you will save in the long run far outweigh this benefit. You’ll also get guaranteed work and safety and build a long-term relationship.

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B. Rhoads

Randa demonstrates the height of professionalism and perfectionism. Her attention to detail and response to my fire worries was exceptional finding a breaker that needed replacement as well as something outside that could be a potential hazard. Please share.

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We Thank you for the work that was done to get power to our garage/shop area and wanted you to know that it was a pleasure to work with Mike.  He was considerate and easy to have here… he did his job carefully and cleaned up where he worked.. He certainly is competent!

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Just wanted to let you know Ben was great. He was professional and personable and helpful with showing us how things worked. I can't remember the name of the other guy (Cristian) but he was great too and they did a great job and cleaned up the area where the generator is. And of course we were so impressed with Tammy and appreciated her help, with our somewhat drawn out process. Very impressed with the service at Parkin.

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Worth every penny, Parkin is the best! 

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We were impressed by Dave B’s service and professionalism… I am sure he is not unique to the other techs and employees at Parkin.  We are very satisfied with how we were treated from the point of making an appointment through all of the service.  There is no doubt we will be returning customers for future needs, as well as highly recommending Parkin Electric to everyone we know. 

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I found Brian and Steve to very professional and very skilled electricians.  (Generator Install)

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Thank you for the great service and responsibility to detail.  I greatly appreciate all the work & customer service that your company gave us.  Kudos to Amanda, Tonya & Chad they are truly an asset to your company.  Our mini split works great &  our inspection passed with flying colors.