Top 5 Electrical Upgrades

electrical upgrades for your home

Americans spent over $550 billion in 2022 on home renovations. Deciding to renovate your home can greatly improve your quality of life and increase your home’s value. Electrical upgrades come with many benefits, such as improving your home’s functionality.

We’ve put together a brief guide on home renovation tips you can take advantage of. Let’s explore some of the most notable electrical upgrades for your home!

1. Smart Home Automation

This is one of the most common electrical upgrades people think of when they consider making renovations. This process involves using devices and appliances that connect to the internet. This allows you to control them through mobile applications.

The result is being able to control most of your home from the convenience of your smartphone. A common scenario could involve someone using an app to modify the temperature of their AC because they forgot to raise it before they left for work in the morning.

You can also control your lights, lock your doors, etc. Other smartphone technology to consider includes speakers, window shades, and refrigerators.

2. Solar Panels

It may surprise you to learn that nearly 4% of homes have solar panels in the United States. This should come as no surprise given how much energy you can save by installing them.

This is especially true in areas that have notably sunny climates, such as Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida. Not only can this save you money, but it can also help reduce your carbon footprint. Those looking to minimize their environmental impact should keep this in mind.

3. Energy Consumption Monitors

Even with electrical upgrades, some people might not save as much money on their utility bills as they anticipated. In some cases, they might end up spending even more! This is where an energy consumption monitor comes in.

It provides detailed information about which appliances use the most energy. This will allow you to pinpoint energy vampires throughout your home and make the necessary adjustments. This investment could potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars as the years go on.

Just be sure to get in the habit of regularly checking this data. This is especially true after purchasing new devices or appliances.

4. LED Lighting

LED lights are brighter and more efficient compared to incandescent light bulbs. They use substantially less energy and last much longer.

As expected, they cost a bit more initially per bulb. The press tag is well worth it, though.

Consider replacing every incandescent bulb in your house with LED lights. You can even use them outside of your home.

For example, many homeowners install uplighting and downlighting to increase their home’s aesthetic appeal at night. LED bulbs can take this a step further and create an even better appearance.

5. Heat Pumps

For those who own homes with traditional electric furnaces, it’s important to understand that these require an impractical amount of energy to operate. By comparison, heat pumps can dramatically reduce your electricity consumption.

There are also government incentives that offer tax credits and rebates for homeowners who upgrade their heat pumps. This is crucial to consider, as going over a certain kilowatt-hour threshold can exponentially increase your electricity bill. Although upgrading your furnace to a heat pump can be expensive, consider it an investment that will pay for itself.

Getting Started

Before you get started, you’ll need to find the right service provider.

Research their past reputation to gain insight into what you can expect. See what others have had to say about their timeliness, professionalism, and results.

It’s best to choose providers who have overwhelmingly positive feedback. Never work with someone who is not licensed, bonded, or insured. This comes with unnecessary risks that you should avoid at all costs. For example, if someone damages your property or gets injured during the project, there won’t be protections in place to help you.

Are they communicative? The company you hire should be easy to get in touch with. The last thing you want is to be left in the dark about your project.

Consider their pricing structure, as well. Financial surprises are never pleasant to deal with.

Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for when it comes to this type of service. Avoid choosing the cheapest possible option.

However, this doesn’t mean you must work with the most expensive provider. Somewhere in the middle of the price range can likely meet your needs with little issue.

What about DIY Improvements?

It’s never recommended to handle projects yourself. Not only do you risk damaging your property, but you can experience significant injury.

This is especially true when working with electrical wires. Even if you have experience with DIY work, you should still consider hiring a professional.

Chances are that they can handle the job much more efficiently and provide better results. After all, you still need to invest time and resources into the project if you choose to do it yourself. This could quickly outweigh the money you save by not hiring an expert.

Consider These Electrical Upgrades For Your Home

The above electrical upgrades for your home can go a long way when it comes to making it a nicer place to live. You’ll also find that many tasks are much easier than before. From here, you’ll improve your daily life while saving money in the process.

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